Left Out – Storytale 2020 Competition Under 8’s Winning Story

Kate Frost

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s competition, we loved the diversity of the stories and pictures, and so did our judge Lucy Freegard who had the difficult job of deciding the winner. This is what she had to say:

Amélie Seeboruth’s ‘Left Out’ is the winner – congratulations, Amélie! ‘Left Out’ is a powerful story with creative chapters and a strong first person narrative. I loved the addition of the haunted château that ‘shone bright red’, the ‘room full of people who wanted equality’, and the ‘swirling, shining, purple portal’. Very clever and imaginative! 
There were some fantastic story ideas and lovely drawings; from a mermaid with a pet starfish called Sprinkle to a snake called Greg who tripped on something… I particularly enjoyed the ending ‘everyone lived happily ever after except the skunk’ – and loved the line ‘Monkey swang into action.’ I also liked the squirrels’ magic carpet made from feathers, leaves and sticks. Thank you to everyone who entered – it was a joy seeing your work. 

LEFT OUT by Amélie Seeboruth aged 8 – inspired by Pridie Tiernan’s spooky telling of The Beekeeper and the Hare.


We’re moving house, I don’t know why. I’ve lived here since I was a baby

Everyone says the place we’re moving to is haunted.

When I went to bed my neighbours were shouting about our skin colour. They were being nasty and wanted us to leave. Mum is tough she shouted, “WELL YOU’VE GOT A PROBLEM!”


The next problem is my X-BFF Giega.

My little brother Xavier says I have to pack all of HIS stuff mum, dads AND mine. He is SUPER BOSSY!


It all started at nursery, we WERE best friends. THEN when we went to school, SHE started bulling ME because…

I was the only one that wasn’t the same colour as the rest, I DID NOT have any friends.

SHE forgot about nursery and me. It made me REALLY sad.

Packing Day

We packed EVERYTHING in the house. We heard a slam on the door. It was… GIEGA!! She acted NICE to my parents.

“Do you want to play?” GIEGA said suspiciously.

“Sorry, I‘m busy!” I stomped upstairs.

I started packing my tooth brush, clothes, teddies and a picture of me and Giega when we were babies. I love that time. I’ll never forget it. Maybe I will.

Xavier noticed my temper. He came to my bedroom and asked if I was okay. Even though he is annoying he is such a lovey brother. I told him all about Giega and school.

Moving Day

The place was a massive chateau. Inside were lots of posh things.

At night we all slept in a queen-size bed it was soft and EXTRA COMFY!!!! My family fell asleep straight away. I dreamt that GIEGA and other people were bullying me. A tear ran down my face while I was sleeping. Maybe I was the one with the problem.

SUDDENLY I heard a BIG BANG!!! The chateau shone bright red. Now I know why people say this is haunted!!


The room was full of people who wanted equality. Some even suffered!! They came from the past!!!! I thought they were here to scare me like Giega but they actually comforted me!! They gave me courage.

They told me to tell her how I was feeling.

SUDDENLY a swirling, shining, purple portal swallowed me. I ended up in Giega’s room!! I whispered in her ear all of the things that I did not like her doing to me.
“Imagine if you got bullied for your skin, if you were the odd one out how would you feel?” I told Giega.

The Next Morning

“I need to tell you something. I dreamt about how bad I’ve been to you. I am SO sorry,” Giega cried.

“That means a LOT to me BFF,” I said.

“Did you just call me BFF!” Giega whispered.

“Yes I did!”

We hugged.

She promised it wouldn’t happen again. And it was true it NEVER happened!

Congratulations, Amélie, on your winning story, and to everyone who entered – we loved your creativity! A copy of Lucy Freegard’s The Big Stink, plus Colourful Minds’ chameleon template pack will be winging its way to Amélie.

If you missed any of this year’s events, head over to our YouTube channel to catch up.

Lucy Freegard is an illustrator and a children’s book author based in Bristol. As well as designing soft toys and greetings cards, Lucy has written and illustrated picture books such as Ballet Bunnies, Just Like Mummy, Just Like Daddy, The Greatest Showpenguin and The Big Stink. Find out more about Lucy and her books here: https://www.lucyfreegard.com/

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