Creative Collaboration, Rachel Falber and Samantha Miles

Samantha Miles and Rachel Falber
Kate Frost

Collaborations are wonderful things. They inspire creativity, inspiration and motivation in a way that is completely unique. Both Sam and Rach are huge believers in collaboration which is one of the reasons their partnership has been a perfect pairing.

Their Background

Rach and Sam are both business owners in their own right, with backgrounds in creativity and design. Sam is a designer and illustrator under her own brand, A Thousand Yellow Daisies. Through this work, Sam began to find a passion for collaboration while working with other small creative businesses. This led Sam to create a collaboration community (In Collaboration) with a mission to bring more small businesses together to see the benefits of collaborative working.

When Rachel joined the community, they came together for a coffee and a chat. Sam wanted to learn everything she could about Rach’s design brand, Hare Raising Designs, and to understand what passions, goals and future plans Rach had for HRD to help in the best way possible.

Rach’s passion for eco awareness and sustainable business was clear throughout the chat and near the end of the conversation an interesting idea arose. Rach mentioned her mission to educate the younger generation, support charities and make a positive impact through her business. With many of Hare Raising Designs products being clothing based, Rach was very conscious of the impact on the environment. While the products are well made and lovingly designed to be cherished for a long time, Rach was still very aware of the impact.

Over time Rach had developed an idea to help make a positive impact through her brand, and as she shared this idea with Sam, she explained how she’d love to illustrate a children’s book if she could be put in contact with an author who may like to collaborate.

Having recently moved into the children’s book industry as an illustrator and with a passion for creative writing that had never been pursued professionally, Sam offered to support with the project.

Uh-Oh Books is Born

This quickly led to a collaborative partnership working closely together to create a successful story between them. With Sam’s writing experience and her work with children over the years, writing a children’s book was a fantastic experience and one she’d always wished to do. However, as a first ever professional creative writing project it was through Rach’s support, feedback and writing help that together they completed the story.

Rach began designing beautiful watercolour illustrations of all the characters and backgrounds, while together they mocked up book layouts and contributed illustrative elements to create a varied and unique design style.

Getting Ready to Launch

Now as they get ready to launch a crowdfunder to publish their first book, they have partnerships, pre stockists and support behind them. This support has given Rach and Sam confidence in the potential, and they plan to turn this first book into a series of educational, interactive and eco friendly books (and more!), achieving their hopes for the project and making a big difference.

Despite the changes and challenging circumstances of the past few months, Uh-Oh Books has had such continual support from so many followers and lovely parents, carers, family and friends of little ones all asking when they can purchase the book! Thanks to so many of you wanting to support the project, Uh-Oh Books have decided to launch a mini funder with extra discounts on May 6th with a big Virtual Kids Funday online to celebrate the launch!

Huge thanks goes out to every single person who has supported the journey so far and to everyone who continues to support the project.

Rachel, Sam and Flo!

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